The thin pink line

So I couldn’t help myself this morning.

I did a pregnancy test.

Am I pregnant you ask? Well, I’m actually not sure.

There, right in front of me sat my test and there was that dark pink control line glaring at me, but there to the left of it, was a very tiny, very thin, very faint pink line.

So I’m no more sure than I was yesterday. Even more unsure if truth be told. I’ve been reading up about pregnancy tests all day and so far everything I have read says that even if there is a thin, faint, barely there pink line, that means you’re pregnant. I’d like to believe it, I really would, but I don’t. I can’t let myself believe it.

So I’ll just pretend I didn’t take it and go to Adelaide tomorrow for my meeting, come back on Wednesday night and on Thursday morning, if I haven’t had my period by then, I will do another one and hopefully that one will be more conclusive!

Oh the pain of waiting.

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